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Here you can download some helpful material to better understand our project. You can also access additional information on our Blog.

Latest Publication:


Tracked and Targeted at Amazon

In this 2024 report, Our Data Bodies in  partnership with United for Respect, detail our one-year project of interviewing Amazon workers about workplace surveillance. In this report, you will find the voices and stories of employees of Amazon, a directory of surveillance mechanisms, and ten significant themes of past and present employees. Read and download here

Digital Defense Playbook

Nearly three years in the making! Order a printed copy here. Download a PDF version here. Choose from four options: SpanishEnglishSpanish–booklet styleEnglish-booklet style.

2018 Interim Report

We published our interim findings in a report presented at the 2018 Allied Media Conference in Detroit. Click here to download the PDF.

2016 Interim Report

The Our Data Bodies (ODB) Project is a collaborative, participatory research and organizing effort working in three cities: Charlotte, North Carolina; Detroit, Michigan; and Los Angeles California. This report details our preliminary findings from our first year. Download our first community report.

Whatchu Know About Data

Whatchu Know About Data is an activity designed to stimulate a deeper understanding of the term “data,” what it actually means and represents, and the different types of data that exist. Download Whatchu’ Know About Data (slides).



We have a short handout about our project. Learn about who we are, what we are doing, and why. Click here to download the PDF.