Here you can download some helpful tools to better understand our project and how you can protect your data.

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ODB Factsheet

We have a short handout about our project. Learn about who we are, what we are doing, and why.

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Hands On at the Data Discotech, Detroit, Michigan. Photo courtesy of Detroit Community Technology Project.


We’ve created a set of activities that helps people start thinking about data collection and data-driven systems. What’s In Your Wallet focuses on processes of data collection. Your Data Body gets us visualizing data in our lives. We’ll share more handouts here as they become available.

Your Data Body Activity worksheet

Whats In Your Wallet worksheet

NYC Subway Mural / Photo by Scallop Holden (CC BY-NC-SA-2.0)

Community Report

The Our Data Bodies (ODB) Project is a collaborative, participatory research and organizing effort working in three cities: Charlotte, North Carolina; Detroit, Michigan; and Los Angeles California. This report details our preliminary findings from our first year.

Download our first community report.

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Tips for Protecting Our Data

Download a factsheet with tips to protect your data.

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Interim Report

We published our interim findings in a report presented at the 2018 Allied Media Conference in Detroit.

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